Partners - Moscow

Maxim Chuvaev
Richard Goode
Galina Ivushkina

Chuvaev Consulting

Pestovskiy pereulok 16, block 2, 109004
t +7 (495) 984 0907

Krasnoselskaya street, 19A, office 9H, 197198
t +7 (495) 984 0907

Linke Wienzeile 12/18, A-1060
t +43 1 208 0407

Executive Recruitment

In today’s world of global competition, the capacity to attract, develop, retain and deploy best executive talent is the most critical management task and the only guarantee that your organization will be able to face the challenges of the future. Executive recruitment and selection requires the full attention of the board, since only best talent can assure sustainable and durable success. Consequently, it is of critical importance to choose the right partner when it comes to executive recruitment

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