Strategic Leadership Alignment

Whether in times of radical change or in order to prepare the future of your organization, the right combination of leadership talent and the most efficient cooperation of all executives are of utmost importance and can determine corporate failure or success. Working with the best qualified individuals and having recruited the most exceptional talent is only the first step towards sustainable corporate success. The real challenge is to deploy all your talent in the most effective and efficient manner, making sure that every single executive can fully unleash his/her potential. And how do you know whether your executive team is aligned with your corporate strategy and whether you have deployed every single leadership talent in the best possible manner?

Organizations, small and large alike, are constantly exposed to changes. New market conditions, a fast changing economic environment and increased competition, including competition for best talent, impose new ways of thinking and organizing your business. Be it because of a major change in the executive team, a change of ownership, a corporate reorganization, pre-acquisition due diligence or post-merger integration, fundamental changes in the corporate structure often necessitate a re-alignment of leadership competencies. This is why we have developed our strategic leadership alignment offering that is tailored to address the specific situation of each individual client. Our assessment process, developed and refined over more than twenty years in executive coaching and executive recruitment, follows a proven methodology. Our independence from larger consulting firms and short-term financial considerations allows us to provide candid and unbiased feedback to executives and clients at all times, thus creating a maximum of objectivity and transparency.

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