Strategic Leadership Alignment

In close partnership with our clients, we first conduct a thorough diagnosis of the strategic leadership issues that the organization is facing. We then define all critical success factors, skills and behavioral competencies for each executive position to be assessed. We always include into that process the “benchmarking” of executives against their competitors and the market. Thus, our clients benefit not only from our executive evaluation capacities, they also take advantage of our market knowledge. After a thorough analysis of the executive’s professional background, we conduct at least two structured behavioral interviews with each executive, and finally we complete our assessment by including a review by peers, subordinates and superiors which allows us to get a nearly holistic snapshot of the executive’s competencies, cultural fit and development potential.

We commit to always deliver candid and comprehensive feedback, first individually to each executive assessed, then to the management team or board of directors regarding the aggregate of the team analysis.

We document all our findings in writing and establish individual assessment reports for the executives as well as a group report. In our reports, we highlight areas where we have identified need for improvement and development, we recommend changes and redeployment of executives if needed, and we address individual performance issues, thus allowing the establishment of individual development and coaching programs. Regular assessment of key executives has proven a highly impactful instrument to assure a healthy corporate future. Their positive experience with the assessment of their management teams encourages an increasing number of organizations to also use tailored HR evaluation processes to identify the potential of their next generation of leaders.

Strategic leadership alignment permits you to have a better understanding of your corporate talent, to be able to benchmark your organization against competition and to make sure that you invest into your best people. This is the ultimate assurance against the uncertainties of the markets and an efficient way to prepare your organization for the challenges of tomorrow.

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