Board Recruitment

The changing role of the board and the growing importance of governance matters strongly impact the activity of board members, executive and non-executive, and make the selection and recruitment of board members ever more challenging. In recent years, much alike in executive recruitment, making the right people decisions has become success-critical for the boardroom. Only exceptional senior executives can provide the insight, integrity, independence and leadership qualities that differentiate leading organizations and companies from their competition.

In close cooperation with the chairman of the board or the nomination committee, we first define the key performance indicators that are required for a specific board position. We establish a personality profile that matches not only the technical competencies and the sector experience needed, but also the leadership characteristics and cultural aspects of the position. We then establish a recruitment strategy and a timeframe for the recruitment. Thanks to our solid international network and privileged access to best talent and leaders, we are able to rapidly draw up a qualified candidate shortlist and complete the recruitment of a board member in a very reasonable time. In Board Recruitment we apply exactly the same due diligence on candidates that we use in executive recruitment, and the personal commitment of our partners will ensure that the recruitment process is conducted smoothly and with a maximum of efficiency and discretion. We will – of course – also take care of on-boarding and regular follow-up with new board members.

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