Board Consulting

We at BD Associates have specialized on board consulting, building on many years of expertise in international boardrooms. Combining our market knowledge, access to high caliber executives and our people assessment competencies, we provide advice and support for the development of tailored and individual board solutions. Given the specific nature of each board mandate, we work with dedicated international teams in order to offer the best and most appropriate solutions.

We advise our clients when

  • creating new supervisory or advisory boards
  • establishing specific board committees (audit committee, remuneration committee, risk committee, …)
  • evaluating the board’s effectiveness
  • restructuring and reorganizing the board of directors
  • reviewing and assessing the performance of the board and specific committees
  • appointing new and international board members
  • implementing diversity at board level
  • appointing independent directors
  • building a strategic advisory board
  • implementing new corporate governance structures
  • defining and implementing remuneration policies

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