Board and Governance Services

In recent years, only few management subjects have been granted as much public and political attention as corporate governance and its importance for the future of the global economic model. In virtually every country, new codes of conduct have been issued, a public discussion about the role and responsibility of boards and independent directorship has been launched, multiple national and international initiatives have been undertaken to established a better regulated and more efficient market model, especially taking into account the increased importance of risk management and the general tendency towards sustainable development and healthy economic growth as favored by modern society.

As a consequence, a dramatic paradigm shift has taken place that fundamentally repositions the role of supervisory and advisory bodies. Organizations and companies of all sizes and shapes, in all industries and sectors, working locally or internationally, are facing the challenge of putting into place the best possible governance structure, and in a world of growing competition for best talent, they will have to make sure that their governance structure is solid and that their governing bodies at all levels are working with the best executive talent and the most experienced leadership team.

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