Executive Recruitment

We act as your corporate ambassador

Establishing a trustworthy relationship with candidates is critical for a successful recruitment process, and we take personal responsibility for that delicate and important task. We do not delegate that part of the process to junior people, we personally approach, meet and evaluate candidates. As the owner of your project, we have the best understanding of your organization and are best placed to act as your corporate ambassadors in the market. Presenting the client organization including its specific culture, its history and its strategic challenges not only requires a thorough understanding of the organization, it is also a matter of experience, maturity and personal commitment. The seniority of our teams and the long-standing relationship with our clients reinforces that capacity to attract best talent in a highly competitive market. In the same manner, we have built long-term relationships with highly qualified candidates. Due to that privileged access to top talent, we are capable of conducting all senior executive recruitments in a smooth, discreet, timely and highly efficient manner.

We evaluate each candidate

In the selection process, the evaluation of best talent is of utmost importance. We do not only look at past performance of candidates, but explore the development potential of each candidate and also assess the cultural and personal fit with the client organization. By conducting behavioral interviews and an assessment of cultural fit and leadership characteristics, we minimize significantly the risk of failure of executives in their future leadership role. We also document every candidate’s performance record, development potential and motivation to take up a new leadership challenge. A very detailed and thorough reference check, including the verification of the candidate’s education, completes the candidate assessment. Only after that due diligence, having made sure that we can assure the qualification of a candidate for a senior executive role, we present his/her credentials to our client.

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